The Tangible Benefits Of A University Microelectronics Program

In a proposal we have developed towards developing microelectronics across selected universities in Nigeria, we noted some key benefits such a program can bring to any university and by extension the host nation. The benefits are enumerated below:


  • This proposal (establishing a microelectronics program) will transform any African university to a world-class microelectronics training and research center. It will provide knowledge on the basic fundamentals which will enable us develop or adopt where necessary emerging technologies in the broad semiconductor industry.


  • It will offer African students the best possible training on microelectronics. This has potential impacts of developing a new breed of technology leaders who can establish start-up companies and help develop the industry.


  • It would enrich our research, making them, more relevant through collaborative works with our partners in the United States. It would also offer opportunities to provide an environment where Africans (in Diaspora) trained in this field can be used to pioneer developments in their native countries.


  • This proposal has the potential of generating a constant pool of resources to African schools through consulting, training, and support services to SME and the governments. We hope to become the center to be consulted by investing multinational firms as they do feasibility studies in Africa.


  • African university managements will learn immensely through multiple collaborations with our US partner.


  • Our proposal is structured to develop programs which will have impacts in the markets. These impacts could be products or specialized skills of our students.


This will also offer access to the highly regarded Cadence Accelerator program


The program comprises an ecosystem of experienced venture capital investors, leading-edge design technologies, services and hardware, and leaders in IP supply, foundry, packaging, and test. This ecosystem facilitates an immediate start in development work once the investment is agreed upon. Based on mutual decision with investors, Cadence devotes its best human resources, design environments, and kits to help qualify the technical aspects and mitigate risk for chip design or proof-of-concept projects-sometimes before the startup company is even established.

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