When IT Anchors Hybrid Intelligence

When IT Anchors Hybrid Intelligence

The best IT deployment is one that RUNS your organization even as it TRANSFORMS it. I believe that IT must offer duality, helping to improve presently defined operations even as it helps to redesign the whole firm. Yes, take care of today’s operational needs but have the capacity to re-engineer the organization of the future. In all, IT bows to the business objectives because the objectives are superior to things that make them realizable. Yet, an IT that transforms could help architect those objectives.

When you deploy IT that only runs, you have extremely good operational quality which can be executing an expired business model flawlessly. Sure – instead of collapsing in three years, you can get that done in six months.

But when you have IT that transforms, you get the excellent operational fluidity even with capacity to restructure a business model to fit the changing needs of your customers. Indeed, you are running and your head is lifted up to see far into the future. That is when IT becomes a competitive weapon, evolving from operational element into a strategic enabler.

The best part of technology is not what technology itself does but what it enables to happen. For a telecom company that used AI assistants (think of Messenger bots) to fix 82% of customer services issues, it has IT that is not just running it but also transforming it. Getting to say 90% resolution success may require human elements. That is Hybrid Intelligence – concatenating technology and humans to deliver superior results at scale.  At the heart of this is massive cost saving which makes the firm leaner, smarter and more profitable.

Until your IT can anchor Hybrid Intelligence in your operations, you only have an IT that runs and not one that transforms. An IT that runs must evolve as it may be destroying the future of the business. You need an IT that transforms. Yes, one that anchors Hybrid Intelligence in your business.


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