Where Are The Nigerian WANTS? – The Math Wizards of Social Network Data

Who is a quant? The math wizard that crafts financial algorithms for investment and trading. They are fast, smart and stubbornly optimistic. They come with equations that help make sense of many clusters of nonsense. They get rewarded – very well.


But in the social media, they have them as Wants. They do what the bank quant guys do – help make sense of huge data. Yes, develop clever ways to target that ad to you based on your online footprints. Wants are considered the most important people in Silicon Valley. The computer programmers are great, but the key guys are those that solve those equations they implement in software. Without the algorithm, the software engineer has no meaning. The Wants power most ad-hit-success technological improvements you experience in Facebook and other social networks – and they are mostly mathematicians.


We want to know the best wants in Nigeria. These are usually young men with unusual mathematical prowess that can see patterns and trends in massive overload of data. Think of all the data Facebook has collected since it was founded. Someone must go through that and come up with a way to make sense so that when you visit their sites, the ads are waiting for you before the browser finishes loading. It has to be – it must be milliseconds decision so that you get to see the right ad quick!


Let us know whom the Nigerian Wants are?

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