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Who are Jinns?

Who are Jinns?

The Qur’an and Hadeeth are the first two sources of religious principles, regulation, and instruction for Muslims. These two sources are expected to direct all of their activities beyond this planet. Jinns are described as God’s creatures in these two traditions, although their origin comes from flames of fire. Jinns, like humans, have a varied range of tribes, beliefs, and attitudes. They are invisible to us, but they see us; they can fly millions of miles in seconds; they can inhabit human bodies; and they can speak any language that the possessed person speaks. The list is a progression.

Jinns, like us, eat, drink, marry, and breed. Their food (for example, bones) differs from ours. Their marriages and procreation patterns differ slightly from ours. We’ve read and seen incidents where Jinns told Islamic exorcists that they had fathered or mothered children for possessed people. Those kids would be in Jinn’s world! We’ll go over this further later.

What exactly do Jinns do?

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According to Islamic literature, Jinns are divided into two groups based on their faith: believers and non-believers. Most of the time, non-believer Jinns cause chaos and are manipulated by malevolent people. In rare cases, believing Jinns with poor Godliness may possess humans; these Jinns simply leave the possessed body when the possessed listens to a self-Ruqyah or the Jinns listen to sermons of an Islamic exorcist during Ruqyah.

When non-believer Jinns attack the human body, it is usually the brain that is the first to be penetrated. When they acquire control of the brain, the possessed person goes mentally insane. Uncontrollable fury, irresistible sexual desire, psychosis, suicidal ideation, taciturnity, unexplained sleeplessness, continual fear and anxiety, perpetual withdrawal and loneliness, and hatred for specific persons, among other symptoms, may appear. In reality, this type of Jinn can create unexplained divorce between a husband and wife, hostility between two admirers (e.g., father and son, mother and daughter, in-law and wife, etc.), and overwhelming love or passion between two or more people.

As a result, it is critical to understand that these Jinns may take humans voluntarily or be dispatched by a demon that has formed covenants with Jinns. The more extreme the evil person acts against Divine Law, the more active the Jinns that send them messages. You may wonder how Jinns voluntarily possess human bodies. This is where we will continue our discussion from next week.

Umar Olansile Ajetunmobian independent, interdisciplinary researcher with special interests in political, (mental) health, development, and digital media communication, contributes to the development of this piece through his skills and knowledge garnered over the years. 

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