Who Is The Best Startup Attorney in Lagos? Lessons from Fenwick & West

Silicon Valley is known for legendary law firms like Fenwick & West, and Wilsom Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Cooley. Fenwick , founded in 1972 incorporated Apple and took Oracle public. It largely focuses on startups and has found success doing just that. It has advised Electronic Arts, Symantec, VeriSign, Intuit, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, among others.

The simple question is this? Who is the best startup attorney in Nigeria?

This is important as lack of quality legal advice can hurt firms in the future, especially when there are acquisitions.

Meanwhile, if you are incorporating in Boston and raising capital, you may like to use SeriesSeed from Fenwick.  This is a great document that has helped many companies and reduced legal fees. We need such firms in Nigeria – now the startup fever is very high. If you know any, please share with Tekedia, we will profile for our readers. We want attorneys that understand startups and how to nurture them to greatness. In some cases, the law firm will invest in that firm and demonstrate they truly think through the process.

Learned gentlemen – over to you in LagosBoston

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