Why are Africans Always left out on Amazing Features Rolled out on LinkedIn?

Why are Africans Always left out on Amazing Features Rolled out on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great business platform. It’s not only for job seekers, recruiters or hiring managers, but it is also for every professional to share their experiences and make impacts across the globe.

Successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Tony Elumelu and many more, also use LinkedIn to promote their businesses or share their thoughts.

One noticeable difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is the “Top Voice Yearly Award.”

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An award that goes out to users making a difference in various spheres of life and impacting lives positively with their contents on the platform.

Every year, LinkedIn awards content creators from different geographical areas on the platform. Some content creators like Simon Chan (UK), Tim Denning (Australia), Anthony Johnson (Australia), Kerri Twigg (Canada), Natalie Riso (America), have all been winners of the prestigious awards.

My question to Jeff Weiner and his team, ”When are we going to have a “LinkedIn Top Voice’ from Africa?”

No doubt, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to be and we really appreciate the efforts of Jeff Weiner and his team members. But my concern is about Africa.

Africans seem to be the last on the list when it comes to benefit from the new features rolled out on LinkedIn.

Till date, I haven’t seen anyone residing in Africa using the “LinkedIn Live Videos”. I haven’t seen any African win the “LinkedIn Top Voice” Awards, and I haven’t seen any African being able to use the “LinkedIn Profinder”. I stand to be corrected though.

I am not against LinkedIn or trying to constitute any nuisance. I am just looking for an answer to the question, “why are African countries always left out of some amazing features on LinkedIn?”

I know many people would say, “who cares? As long as I am making my money or getting business leads.”

But I care because I am a long-time user and a content creator on the platform and also, I am a good ambassador of my beloved continent, Africa.

The purpose of writing this article is not to criticize or condemn the LinkedIn team, but it is to share my views and perhaps seek an answer to my question. I do hope I get a response from Jeff Weiner or any LinkedIn staff. Perhaps, they could need my help in implementing these features in Africa. Till then, I wish Jeff Weiner and his LinkedIn staff all the best.

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3 thoughts on “Why are Africans Always left out on Amazing Features Rolled out on LinkedIn?

  1. LinkedIn teams needs to look into it.
    You’ve said the right thing, Africans also make a great impact and engagementa on this platform, so we should be granted room to some features, so we can also participate more fully in the growth.

    Thanks for this @Chinese junior


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