Why Crypto Experts Believe Big Eyes Can Be The Meme Coin of the Future

Why Crypto Experts Believe Big Eyes Can Be The Meme Coin of the Future

What is Big Eyes?

It won’t be wrong to call cryptocurrencies an agent of change in the financial services sector, which for years had been dominated by traditional institutions like banks, brokerage firms, and government entities. By eliminating such third-party interference and offering an enhanced level of data privacy, these blockchain-powered assets have led investors to play a bigger role in the process of wealth generation and take charge of their investments.

At the same time, the evolution of blockchain has paved the way for innovative products like meme coins which tokenize the popularity of social media memes. Over the years, meme coins have also been transforming to have more practical use cases while posting sustained results.

Big Eyes: A Name and Story of Soldiering Through Life

Big Eyes is a meme coin that has been inspired by a cat called ‘Big Eyes’, who wasn’t at all happy with the way the world saw him as cute and meek just because of his big eyes. Over time, he realised that he can cash in on his cuteness and earn millions with meme coins, but before that happened he had to go through his fair share of ups and downs.

He was born in Washington DC and was eventually adopted by a rocket scientist couple who worked at Nasa. He even learned the basics of space engineering from the two. All was fine and dandy until the couple abandoned him when he was just three for a YouTube experiment on dark matter.

Left alone, Big Eyes hitched a ride on a yacht and decided to travel around the world to find his life’s purpose. During his voyages, he had the chance to learn about living on the sea, how important nature is to us, and how one can be at peace with yoga. During a sea storm, Big Eyes was thrown overboard but was saved by a humpback whale who left him on the shores of Japan.

He spent a year in the country learning about the country’s culture and realising that he had a talent for the art of Sushi, and practising Zazen. It was during a meditation session that Big Eyes realised that he didn’t have to hold himself back because of his cuteness. He could also turn it into his strength and he finally came to terms with it.

Big Eyes is currently among the most-talked about meme coins in the cryptocurrency market because of its niche features that are set to accelerate the adoption of blockchain-based decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions. It has been envisaged as a complete utility token with a clear aim to enable people to shift their wealth to the DeFi ecosystem and explore new opportunities for income generation.

The platform’s objective is also in tandem with the way the cryptocurrency cosmos has shaped up, wherein community tokens are being considered as effective tools of wealth generation not just for commercial enterprises, but charitable organisations too. The Big Eyes team has stated that it wants to build on the current blockchain ecosystem to create a self-propagating mechanism that can help more people hop on the DeFi bandwagon via token swapping and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It has a native token, BIG, that can be used for a host of transactional purposes that include staking, NFT trading, liquidity pool provisioning, earning rewards, and other similar use cases. Interested users will be able to buy the token on presale.

Is Big Eyes a Reliable Project?

The platform comes with a next-generation security mechanism that leverages top-notch technologies to safeguard investors’ interests and offer unparalleled data privacy. In the first stage of its action plan, Big Eyes will be conducting an audit of the token to ensure that there are no security lapses.

The brain behind the platform is an active group of experts that are working day and night to ensure its longevity and that investors get an unmatched user experience. For starters, there is PawZilla or TopCat who lead the team. CatNipper or TechCat handles the technical side of things. HypePurrr or HypeCat manages any issue with the BIG Token. Meanwhile, TenPaws and CatSuit handle the daily operations. The legal affairs are handled by CatsEyes or LawCat.

The Big Eyes team is also working on plans to push its NFT collections to the Top 10 list and ensure that the BIG Token continually rises in value. Also, any profit that the platform earns from NFT events will be first put for a ‘to burn or not to burn’ vote. These NFT events will be organised throughout the year.

The platform also has in place several guidelines that will dictate its donations to charitable organisations. These transactions will be processed via a charity wallet that will be visible to all community members. The team’s mantra behind charitable initiatives is its desire to build a self-sustaining ecosystem where every element thrives and generates wealth. With its charitable donations, the team tries to do its bit for the world.

What Does Big Eyes Offer Investors?

Big Eyes has a community-driven approach and encourages users to participate in its daily operations. With its policy of incentivizing participation, community members will play a crucial role in shaping its growth trajectory and its vision for development.

Community members will be regularly rewarded with BIG Tokens and NFTs. They will also be the first to hear any important news related to the platform. The more the users participate, the more they will be rewarded. Another feature of the platform that gets its brownie points is its dynamic tax structure which would allow users to tweak it and include any fees that have to be paid for services like the auto burn feature, liquidity pool acquisition, and activating the marketing wallet.

Big Eyes plans to leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting the platform and ramping up its reach. Over time, the meme coin platform will team up with social media influencers while its innovation and liquidity pool acquisition help it make news strides. It will leverage the power of its community’s expertise to spread the word about Big Eyes and its features. The users will also be able to buy official Big Eyes merchandise and contribute to the platform’s fundraising activities.

The purpose to ‘unconfuse DeFi’ has always been at the heart of Big Eyes’ existence and will guide it in the future too. Currently, around 99% of the world cannot take advantage of the opportunities represented by the DeFi ecosystem given their lack of knowledge and the still developing nature of the technology. With features like Big Eyes Swap, in-depth tutorials, how-to guides, and its cutting-edge backend systems, Big Eyes will make it easier and simpler for people to explore the DeFi ecosystem and its potential.

All You Need to Know About BIG Token

As mentioned above, users will be able to purchase the BIG Token on presale. While the token’s total supply is 200,000,000,000 units, 90% of it will be set aside for presale – 70% of the tokens will be sold through public presale and the remaining via exchanges. The other 10% of the token supply is divided equally between marketing activities and charitable donations undertaken by the platform.

While Big Eyes users don’t have to pay any tax on selling or buying tokens, the platform does levy a 10% tax on NFT transactions. The tax proceeds are distributed among token holders (5%), original sellers of NFTs (4%), and the remaining 1% is again set aside for charitable causes.

The token also has an auto-burn feature which keeps the supply of the token scarce. The feature ensures that BIG Tokens are regularly burned so that their supply remains limited and there are no price fluctuations.


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