Why Having a Strong Online Presence is Good for Your Business

Why Having a Strong Online Presence is Good for Your Business

An adage says, “out of sight is out of mind.”

How strong is your online presence?

As an entrepreneur, I am a testimony of a big online presence. I started my entrepreneurial journey with no income. I had just finished my National Youth Service Corps program. I’d barely saved sixty-five thousand naira.

Being a creative writer, I know I would be deceiving myself if I was expecting an opportunity on a platter of gold. So, I went online and started honing my skills in writing. I did on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and LinkedIn.

It gave me visibility. The visibility brought huge clients that I couldn’t handle the tasks alone. I brought in amazing creative writers and we’ve been making money together.

In my two years of entrepreneurship journey, I have worked with amazing companies in building a strong online presence. The return on investment has really been impressive.

Here are the benefits attached to a strong online presence:

Increased brand visibility

It’s no longer a story that more than fifty percent of the world population spends time on the internet. Imagine how much it would cost your business to run an advert globally to get in front of these audiences. That’s where a strong online presence comes to the rescue. It gives your brand the much-needed visibility.

Increased in sales

Sales is always a number game. The more people know about your product, the tendency of increased sales. Businesses are created to make sales/profit. Imagine your business getting in front of a million people monthly. How good will it be for your sales?

I read an article about Grant Cardone sending millions of emails to sell a sales webinar. The outcome was quite unbelievable. He made excess profits.

When you talk about sales, talk about numbers.

Decreased in the cost of running adverts.

Why spend more on TV or radio adverts? TV and radio stations charged per minute or second they put out your adverts on their programs. Calculate how much it is costing you per month and year.

These days, most decision-makers don’t even have time to listen to the radio or watch television. Don’t get me wrong, some still do. But I say most of them don’t really do. They are busy attending business meetings and conferences. The easiest and cheapest means to reach them is through online platforms (emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more).

Increased return on investment

Spend little and earn more. A big presence online always brings a high return on investment. It’s tested and trusted means of generating revenue if run the right way.

If you want to go global, you need a strong online presence. TV or Radio adverts are not enough. A strong online presence will further complement your marketing and sales department.

The future of marketing is digital. The earlier you embrace it, the better the future of your business.

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