Why You Need To Love Success, It’s Beyond You

Why You Need To Love Success, It’s Beyond You

Dear Youth,

I want you to love success, I want you to run after success, I want you to be crazy about succeeding.

Dear youth, you just have to succeed, it is no longer about you. It is beyond you, it is beyond your decision… You cannot choose to be average.

Your mom needs to retire soon from that menial job; you need to send her huge money. You don’t want her looking haggard by 55; she will retire soon, she needs plenty money to stay healthy.

Your dad will retire soon; pension will never be enough. Yes, he will need help – so such. Your 13 years old sister will become 18 soon. Don’t let her be pushed to the point of believing sex is the only way to get money.

Your 19 year old brother shouldn’t go into cyber crime because he couldn’t buy himself handouts. This isn’t about you, it is beyond you.

Your uncle paid your WASC fees 8 years ago, it has helped your life. Now his small kids are in SS2; don’t you think you can pay back his act of kindness.

Would you complain about being broke next 3 years when he says there isn’t no money to send them to the University. You must love success, you cannot afford to waste time.

Cousins search for uncles that will help send them money for handouts. They have called you a hundred times, you cannot help once. Remember that pastor that led you to Christ, his family needs help financially now.

The ministry is dying, he treks with his 4 children a mile to get to his church where he groomed you in Christ. You cannot give poverty a chance… No excuses

You cannot keep up with juvenile delinquency.. A lot is at stake.

Four years from now, if you meet with your secondary school teacher, would you stare at her kids and not drop a thousand naira?

This is not about you, it is beyond you.

Party, gist, WhatsApp all your life… It’s fine

Well, probably if you put in the real work now, you might be able to save your neighbor’s son in 4 years time. They may need just N50,000 to pay his hospital bills

But that might still be your salary in 4 years time, if you don’t put in the work. It’s not just about you.

You cannot afford to sleep every night; get up and grind. Grind hard, go through the pains, go through the hustle.

Remember you will get married soon, your sons shouldn’t make the same complaints you made; “if my father was rich, I would have accomplished this project a long time ago”.

So before you become really complacent and waste unnecessary time, I have pushed wisdom to you.

I hope you use it. Yes, I hope

Well, if you love mediocrity, remember people are standing on your shoulder now.

All Together

The simple fact is that the older we grow, we will have expanding futures and dreams to depend on our success.  This piece is not to pressure anyone into going into dubious means to get successful. I have never supported it and I will never support it. My main point is that you have to work hard, within the legal nexus, to be a blessing to others.

Nonetheless, I will recommend that you always remember that lives count on yours and that time doesn’t wait for anyone. So, whichever action you deem fit to take, do not procrastinate; do not be juvenile about it .

At this stage, you should have no excuses for taking action seeing we are so blessed with the internet. Seeing that access to relevant information is as easy  and  also seamless as it is.

We have a world to build. We have a continent to build. We have Africa to build. Do it legally and build your continent.

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