Home Community Insights Will Elon Musk’s Love For Meme Coins Grow Stronger – Big Eyes Coin & Dogelon Mars

Will Elon Musk’s Love For Meme Coins Grow Stronger – Big Eyes Coin & Dogelon Mars

Will Elon Musk’s Love For Meme Coins Grow Stronger – Big Eyes Coin & Dogelon Mars

Memes are attracting the attention of several cryptocurrencies in particular. Big Eyes Coin, a brand-new meme cryptocurrency, has recently progressed to stage five of its presale phase and has raised more than $8 million. By adding fun to the crypto world, meme coins contribute to the seriousness that producing money entails. A bunch of people are also holding meme coins that both encourage individualism and community. Big Eyes Coin also brings the notion of making money for the cryptocurrency market in addition to this cheerful and eco-friendly nature.

The meme coin market has grown steadily more popular and well acknowledged over time in the cryptocurrency community. Dogecoin was the first meme coin to gain popularity, however, investors were not overly interested in the meme cryptocurrency market due to its instability and lack of use cases.

There are a lot of benefits that come with buying meme coins. Influencers and celebrities have helped a lot of meme tokens gain popularity and hold a good ranking in the cryptocurrency market. Elon Musk is a big prominent figure within the crypto community that pushes people to buy a lot of meme coins which is why certain meme coins reserve a portion of tokens to give to the Tesla CEO.

The Elon Effect – Dogelon Mars (ELON)

Due to its association with the well-known personality Elon Musk, Dogelon Mars ranks third among investors’ favourite meme currencies. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is regarded as having the most impact on the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Since Dogecoin’s introduction to the crypto market, Elon has become more and more receptive to meme-tokens. Dogelon Mars was motivated by Musk’s aim to establish a colony on Mars and his enthusiasm for SpaceX. The majority of the price movement for this currency, which is also a meme coin powered by the community, is driven by Musk’s Mars mission progress. The success of Dogelon Mars is dependent on Musk’s bold advancement toward his objective of establishing human life on Mars.

Is Big Eyes Coin (BIG) The Cutest Cat in Cryptocurrency

Big Eyes is a brand-new meme coin project that is running on the Ethereum network. The Big Eyes Coin team decided that the Ethereum blockchain is the best platform for them to launch the project. Owners of the DeFi-powered community will be able to veto decisions made by the project because the community will function according to a DAO paradigm. If you have a BIG token, you can provide ideas and vote to approve the project’s development procedures as well as important subjects.

With the use of non-fungible tokens, Big Eyes hopes to raise the value of the assets within its community, and its cute cat memes could help it gain traction in the NFT market. Big Eyes Coin is  attempting to grow its social media and it is anticipated that this following will grow once the coin has been released.

Final Thoughts

Since Elon Musk has such a strong hold over several cryptocurrencies, some of them reserve a portion of their presale tokens just in case he decides to purchase them. Later on, Big Eyes Coin may be able to attract Elon Musk’s attention with the correct publicity and social media presence, particularly given that it is a meme coin. Elon previously used the Dogecoin logo as his Twitter profile image, which caused a dramatic increase in the currency’s value. How one person can have such a significant influence on the market is intriguing.


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