With Soko, You Can Trade Your Skills for Skills of Others

Soko is a non-monetary online marketplace that lets you use your skills and time to trade for the skills and time of others. Soko is pretty intuitive, free, and it’s very easy to get started.


A user fills in their profile with details of their skills. Other members can contact you when they need your skills, you can search for requests that match your skills, or you can post your own requests and look for people to help you.


All Soko trades are “paid for” through Sokojoules. All Soko members start with 50 Sokojoules and you accrue more Sokojoules with every skill you trade.


Because Soko believes in a free market, the Sokojoule value of every trade is decided by Soko members – those requesting the service offer the amount of Sokojoules they’d like to pay and those offering to fill it can suggest a new amount.


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