With Sweet, Your International Calls Become Local Calls – Innovation From East Africa

Africans in the Diasporas, who form the largest contributor to the continent’s economic development by way of foreign exchange remittances back home, deserve to be accorded special attention with regards to their telecoms needs. This online service does just that. It is a KenyaN line from which those in the Diasporas can make AND receive calls as though they were actually back home, thus making expensive international calling a thing of the past. Global calling is made local.


The company that is providing this service is called Sweet. Sweet is a better international phone service for Kenyans all over the world. Sweet gives you a Kenyan phone number wherever you are in the world that makes it easy to make and receive calls to and from Kenya. A Sweet line is a Kenya land line only that it is in the Diaspora. It is like taking any Kenyan land line abroad and making or receiving calls on it as though you were in Kenya.


It is Call and be called as though you were in Kenya and save. Free calls to over 40 destinations worldwide every month.

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