With Technology, Nigeria Has Moved Forward in Data Gathering – We Must Build Upon This Progress


Tekedia wants to congratulate INEC and the National Assembly besides our Presidency for this election. We think this election is fairly fair with a higher level of transparency than the equivalent one four years ago. The use of social media, internet, mobile devices were ubiquitous and that helped the results to come in time. Osun Defender – the winner of our website choice of the night for this election was excellent. INEC also deployed technology and it really showed. However, there are pockets of problems, yet, this is progress. With phone cameras everywhere, people were cautious of the implication of getting them acting unlawfully. We need to keep this momentum and consolidate our technology gain as we prepare for the Presidential election in coming days. Gone were the days of waiting for days to know results. Osun Defender called Osun elections within hours, before midnight – only possible because of mobile devices in all the wards/polling stations.


Nigeria is making progress and we are advancing. This transparency from  Prof A  Jega must be commended. I think people feel that this was not massively rigged.




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