Home Community Insights Yachtify (YCHT) To Change The Yacht Charter Industry Through Web3 While NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Suffers

Yachtify (YCHT) To Change The Yacht Charter Industry Through Web3 While NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Suffers

Yachtify (YCHT) To Change The Yacht Charter Industry Through Web3 While NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Suffers

In the current crypto market, many prominent tokens like NEAR Protocol (NEAR) are stuck in limbo after a recent unfavorable trend. And while these tokens continue plummeting, investors have shifted their focus to Yachtify – an innovative platform in its presale run that could change an entire industry when it launches! In this article, we will take a closer look at these cryptos and find out what’s in store for them in 2023!


Yachtify (YCHT) – A Presale With Astonishing Upside Potential

The market for yacht charters was valued at 18.9B in 2021, per a Mordor Intelligence report. Millions may be made by capturing only one percent of this expanding industry, which is what Yachtify is trying to do. Yachtify will introduce a one-of-a-kind yacht club built on the Ethereum blockchain where global investors may purchase fractionalized NFTs backed by real-life high-end yachts!

On this decentralized platform, you can generate passive income just by purchasing one part of an NFT for only $100! The higher percentage of the NFT you own, the more income you will obtain! Yachtify will rent out a real yacht (stored in a safe port), receive the revenue, and redistribute it all to the NFT holders.

Investors will have the option of retaining their investments to earn income or selling them for capital gain. The Yachtify platform will be available 24/7, showing you constant updates on your holdings and upon which you may auction, sell or trade all your NFTs.

The Yachtify native token, which has a Stage One presale value of just $0.10 but is anticipated to see further price increases, will be at the center of this platform. If you wish to obtain discounts on various fees (maintenance, transactions, etc.), buying this token is necessary! Be quick, only 58M of the 100M token supply are available during its presale, and they are selling fast – so much so that experts predict its value may reach $0.40 by October 2023!

Security will be another area where Yachtify shines, as it will lock liquidity forever while freezing team tokens for three years. Additionally, the team KYC audit was recently finished, and SolidProof performed an audit of the token smart contract – both stating a 100% secure investment option!

Now is the perfect time to obtain this chart-topping crypto, as all purchases come with a 30% bonus – so sign up for the Yachtify presale and do not miss out!

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Unable To Shake Off Bears

Recently, NEAR Protocol (NEAR) announced its partnership with Xangle, a top Korean Web3 data firm. As a result of the collaboration, Xangle can now provide analytics for the NEAR Protocol (NEAR).

However, NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has not been performing well on the price charts as it trades at $1.68, down 5.13% in the past 24 hours. Moreover, the NEAR Protocol (NEAR) technical analysis may also raise alarms as its technical indicators and moving averages display strong sell signals.

With its RSI also going below the 50 mark, experts predict this bearish trend may continue, pushing the NEAR Protocol (NEAR) value down to its support level of $1.50 by the end of 2023. Because of this, investors are looking at other projects with more growth potential for profits, as NEAR Protocol (NEAR) appears to be struggling at the moment.


Join Presale: https://buy.yachtify.market

Website: https://yachtify.market

Telegram: https://t.me/yachtify

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yachtify_market

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