Yes, Your Future Doctor Could Be AI; FREE Your Mind.

Yes, Your Future Doctor Could Be AI; FREE Your Mind.

I am so surprised that many people are extremely troubled that AI could do some doctor’s works in the near future. In this Harvard Business Review piece, I explained how this will work. I do not have time to reply to each person that commented on my LinkedIn feed. So, this is my global response. Please also read this. Please free your mind and be open to the possibilities of the future. Do not just sit there and be vomiting why things cannot work. The limitations of today can be unlocked by technologies of the future.

The solution is called CareAi: an AI-powered computing system anchored on blockchain that can diagnose infectious diseases, such as malaria, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis, within seconds. The platform is engineered to serve the invisible demographic of migrants, ethnic minorities, and those unregistered within traditional healthcare systems. By bringing AI and blockchain together, CareAi uses an anonymous distributed healthcare architecture to deliver health services to patients anonymously.  This makes it possible for these invisible cohorts to get access to basic healthcare, and useful contextual information without compromising their identities, for fear of deportation. This is important, as without access to health services, these communities might pose health risks to the wider population.

Doctors are systems. You can codify every variable doctors consider and engineer machines that can do some of their works. This one in Brussels (I took that photo myself) does disease diagnosis and prints receipts of treatment strategies. This may seem like rocket science but it is not that hard. Our Medcera has a path to get to that mountaintop for Africa.

The Generalist Care AI Doctor Built on Blockchain

Care AI doctor

How New Technologies Could Transform Africa’s Health Care System -Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Harvard Business Review


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2 thoughts on “Yes, Your Future Doctor Could Be AI; FREE Your Mind.

  1. There is a difference between genuine concern and mere grandstanding, so not everything is taking on face value.

    With open mind, many perceived impossibilities are actually possible. But first, need to try things out, that’s the most effective way to find out what works.


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