Medcera Begins Digitizing Health Records in Sierra Leone

Medcera Begins Digitizing Health Records in Sierra Leone

Medicine is a great profession but it is also a lousy scalable call. A doctor has the worst marginal cost paralysis in all the elite human professions: you cannot scale your specific individual services irrespective of demand because your “customers” (yes, patients) are different across all major variables. So, at anytime it is one doctor per patient and that means a doctor is bounded by time and geography. There is a reason for that: doctors are called for greater missions because they have the zenith of all missions – lives and human wellbeing. And you cannot give them anything more than that.

But as Africa continues to see the exodus of its doctors out of the continent even as the population expands, we need to fix the marginal cost paralysis in medicine. How can one doctor treat thousands of clients at the same time? In other words, how can you scale the care doctors deliver to the world?

At Medcera, we are working to make that promise possible, and very soon, Medcera CareAI will serve as “digital doctors”. Put your symptoms, our AI will diagnose basic ailments and make recommendations bounded by our statistically confidence interval. Where we do not have high confidence, then a human doctor will take over.

Sierra Leone loves this future and it has gone Medcera. We are scaling across Africa; join our mission – one African, one Health record, one Medcera.

We are excited to be in Sierra Leone to begin digitizing the health records of the good people of Sierra Leone. We are confident that we will improve health outcomes and help our partner clinics and doctors in saving lives.

Medcera in local newspaper

The Vision of Medcera CareAI for Africa


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2 thoughts on “Medcera Begins Digitizing Health Records in Sierra Leone

  1. Sounds good, this is the type of scaling we want to see across board; not every great solution usually costs a fortune to be implemented, and Medcera happens to be one of them.

    Africans can fix Africa’s problems, without drowning the continent in debts, time to put our brains in productive endeavours at scale.


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