Yo! Uganda – A True Giant In Uganda’s Mobility Ecosystem

Have you seen any other company with apostrophe after its name, except Yahoo!? Now, you can, thanks to Ugandan Yo!.


Yo Uganda Limited (“Yo!”) is a software company.  We develop and market software products with a focus on software for telecommunications services, billing systems, mobile applications and web applications.  We also provide services such as software development services on contract, SMS gateway services, hosted IVR services and ICT consultancy.


We have over 25 years of combined staff experience in developing and deploying SMS and IVR based content and application delivery platforms, as well as mobile applications. We are actively developing and marketing 4 products which are key to successfully running a Wireless Application Services Provider business.  These products combine SMS, IVR, Mobile Internet and Billing Integration to provide a comprehensive service delivery platform.  We have deployed some of these products for organizations such as UNICEF in Nambia and the Grameen Foundation in Uganda and Ghana.


Some Products

YVoiceAds is a voice telephony mobile advertising system.  The way YVoiceAds works is that a toll-free number is provided for the general public to call.  When the public calls this toll-free number, a recorded advertisement for a participating company will be selected and played back to the caller.  If the caller listens to the full advertisement, then they will be credited with an amount of prepaid airtime.

Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sep 12 – Dec 3 2022) has started; registration continuesRegister here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program. Beat early bird for free books and other bonuses. 


YBS is a multipurpose billing, mobile commerce and telephony services provision platform. YBS has capabilities to handle prepaid and post-paid billing, calling cards, SMS, mobile commerce and almost any configuration of telephony services provision.


Socius is a comprehensive conference call services platform.  Apart from the ability to receive and manage conference calls, conference calls are fully controllable from a web interface.


MobileSuv is a mobile-enabled information gathering and dissemination platform. By supporting multiple mobile transport technologies including SMS, Voice and GPRS/EDGE, MobileSuv allow efficient and convenient information gathering. MobileSuv combines the benefits of a web-based interface and a mobile application to maximize usability in a wide range of conditions.


INTELLIVR is our advanced Interactive Voice Response product. With years of development behind it, INTELLIVR has been refined to satisfy the most sophisticated IVR use-cases.  While INTELLIVR provides the most common functions out of the box, it provides a plug-in interface to allow custom applications to be developed – meaning you are not tied down to any specific application.  INTELLIVR’s web-based graphical user interface (GUI) makes it immensely easy for non-technical staff to set up and manage IVR services.

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