Your Vehicle Has More Electronic Gizmos These Days – Total Value Will Be $425 In Three Years

IC Insights reports that the semiconductor content per vehicle will increase by 9% between 2010 and 2014, to about $425 per vehicle. Infotainment will be the main driver followed by safety systems  for example sensors for airbags like accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc. Also the green buzz will also help the OEM to sell more components.


Semiconductor content per vehicle varies based on make and model, trim level, environmental concerns, and regional government regulations. But, in 2011, the trickle-down effect of technology in automobiles is having a greater impact than originally anticipated. Sophisticated electronic systems, that were the exclusive domain of luxury-class vehicles a few years ago, have become more commonplace in mid-range and lower-priced automobiles. Consequently, in the mid-year update to its 2011 IC Market Drivers report, IC Insights has raised its forecast for average semiconductor content per automobile to $350 in 2011. This represents a 15% increase from the $305 average in 201

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