Federal Government Allocates Excess of N2 Billion To NigComSat


Tekedia has received the breakdown of the federal allocation to NigComSat for its 2011 operations. This is coming on the heels as it plans to launch NigComSat-1R late this year. NigComSat-1R is the replacement of Nigeria’s communications satellite 1 (NigComSat-1) which developed faults and was subsequently deorbited in November 2008, eighteen months after it was launched.


The breakdown is as follows in Naira:




Though this money looks big, this is simply paltry for any serious satellite organization. N2.1 Billion is not that huge considering that personnel is taking about N1.5billion. The one that surprised us is the small amount allocated to total capital. What is that N540m? Is that for the next satellite that will commence next year. We mean NigComSat 2?
There is a huge opportunity in Nigeria now for the second stage satellite because now the government has got an opportunity to develop capacity and re-train where necessary our guys so that when things go wrong, they can step up and run the show.


Capacity building and technology transfer must be the underlining factor in awarding this contract. We think that the excess of N1.5b allocated for personnel includes training, both local and offshore must have accounted for this.


Many of us are still feeling the cold after the nation lost the satellite. That is why China Great Wall Industry Corp must get it right this time around. The offer for replacement of the NigComSat 1 is not enough, we do not want any more failed satellite that carries Nigerian flag.


If it is possible, the nation must offer a backup and pay for it. But with the above funds, we do not think that it is possible.

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