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Tekedia Capital Demo Day Video Published

Tekedia Capital Demo Day Video Published

The video for Tekedia Capital Demo Day has been posted in the investment board.

Good People, you’re all invited to Tekedia Capital Demo Day. We hope to support another class of great startups. Tekedia Capital has incubated startups which ended up joining YCombinator, Techstars, Seedstars, etc besides raising $millions on follow-up capital. In this cycle, we have 10 amazing startups, from the US, Canada, Congo DRC, Benin Republic, Nigeria, etc.

  • Date:  Saturday, April 27, 2024
  • Time: 4pm – 6pm WAT
  • Venue: Zoom 

Learn more and join our community here

If you are not a member of Tekedia Capital Syndicate and want to join, go here.

Video Overview of the 10 Startups

Tekedia Capital offers a specialty investment vehicle (or investment syndicate) which makes it possible for citizens, groups and organizations to co-invest in innovative startups and young companies in Africa. Capital from these investing entities are pooled together and then invested in a specific company or companies. Our focus is on companies with primary operations in Africa even though they may be legally domiciled within or outside Africa.

Membership Fee of $1,000 or Naira equivalent for 4 Investment Cycles

Pay for your 4-cycle membership fee. The fee provides access to 4 investment cycles of Tekedia Capital deal flow. We typically do 2-3 cycles per year (i.e. 12 months). After payment, our team will give you access to the deal flow board.

(If after 4 cycles, you can decide not to renew. Yet, you will continue to receive updates on your prior investments. But we will not provide access to new startup deal flows.)

Greetings! We are very happy to update that Tekedia Capital has published 10 startups for the current investment cycle. We have presented a highly diversified group across sector, geography, maturity phase, etc including Canadian, Benin Republic, Congo DRC, Nigerian, USA, etc, firms. We have three YC companies in the cohort.

Tekedia Capital Posts 10 Startups for April 2024 Investment Cycle


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