Yugalabs Pushing For Wide Web3; NFT Gaming Adoption

Yugalabs Pushing For Wide Web3; NFT Gaming Adoption

The World most influential NFT brand Yugalabs, creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club [BAYC] announced a global Partnership deal with the Animoca Brands to develop a P2E Game structure for the Club in March, one of the central aspects of the partnership is to develop a Staking – Yield Mechanism through its native token ‘Apecoin’ and its primary asset class; BAYC, MAYC, Meetbit, CryptoPunks and the recently acquired 10KTFshop Collective.

Staking is a myth and grants the biggest whales with best market knowledge an advantage. Yugalabs has already demonstrated some of it’s product and has also caught the attention of a much wider audience, even broader than Crypto-Twitter. The otherside is also the perfect place for large companies to buy land and develop.

During the last NFT Bull run, we were buying and flipping 0.05 $ETH to 4.5 $ETH within a week, Buying Yugalab’s MAYC for 3-4$ETH. Couple months before BoredApeYC was still around 8-10 $ETH around 1,800$. CryptoPunks nfts were trading for less than a 1,000$ for a year.

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NFTGaming, will be crucial next bull cycle. I believe AxieInfinity, Yugalabs, CyberKongz will lead the way in gaming. The future of NFT gaming will open an entire new dimension to digital ownership and play to earn. What is coming is game changing literally.

The road won’t be easy especially with Tokenomics and Staking depending where you are located (U.S., etc), however the overall idea of gaming is still too huge and has shown how big it can be for adoption like AxieInfinity has proven over the years. Many came into the Crypto space with a dream of a decentralized future. Instead, we are stuck in a nightmare where we get scammed by SBF- FTX and tracked by MetaMask.

Web3- Gaming, is not easy but I believe who will get it right will really open an entire new market and more adoption. So much opportunity right now to expand on gaming- NFTs. Future of NFT gaming is ownership more than play-to-earn (though ownership of great assets lead to robust economies).

Still bullish on AxieInfinity, but watch out for PlayEmberSword and GuildOfGuardian, I think they have their head on right as far as web3 games are concerned. What I also want in future of blockchain gaming is interoperability. This will ensure assets can be used across these games. Gaming companies have to collaborate towards that future. I think that will be huge especially with so many metaverses existing.

Interoperability across platforms and maybe even various metaverse infrastructures will be some next level type of stuff that will lead to so much adoption, the easier they make it the more will use it.

Here are some burning questions from me on What could all these symbols mean in the Yugaverse and how do they all connect together to advancing the Web3 Gaming Adoption.

The green portal on 10KTFshop looks a lot like the green portal behind Blue the Koda from the OthersideMeta trailer. Very interesting that holders of BoredApeYC aren’t buying up all of their genesis 10KTFshop items.

It seems like the most obvious play in the game. 10ktf was built to continuously reward Community members, It’s only going to amplify with the project under the Yugalabs umbrella.

TEHRAN, IRAN – JULY 19: (RUSSIA OUT) Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves his presidential plane during the welcoming ceremony at the airport, on July 19, 2022 in Tehran Iran. Russian President Putin and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan arrived in Iran for the summit. (Photo by Contributor/Getty Images)

Was blue going to Neo Tokyo? if he didn’t have to his way to the mystery potion & land on OthersideMeta, The lore has been building up with each hint released from all Yugalabs projects like BoredApeYC, OthersideMeta and 10KTFshop. Excited to see the OthersideMeta story continuing soon.

You don’t think Yugalabs is thinking well into the future of NFT- Gaming? Adoption will take time, but with the ownership mechanics and scalability here, I think it could be huge. Don’t underestimate the building potential of 30k+ partners working in tandem.

This will scale much quicker than you think if done right.

Would yuga labs have been better off not launching a token?

What forces/motivations drove the decision to launch it and get so much legal and other risks?

Now, Apecoin is a huge pillar of their future revenue once unlocked in the spring. I think they should’ve launched when otherside was fully released so it immediately a use case.

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