Zenvus Boundary Grows in Popularity among Surveyors

Zenvus Boundary Grows in Popularity among Surveyors

Zenvus Boundary which helps farmers to map the boundaries of their farms and farmlands continues to do well. Also, real estate professionals have found value in using it to do the first level estimate of property sizes before they invest in the real professional surveys. In other words, while the person wants to sell the land to you, there may be a need to know the actual size of the land.

With Zenvus Boundary installed in your phone, you can walk around the land and within seconds you will know exactly what the actual size is. We never claimed that Zenvus Boundary is replacing professional surveys.  We do believe that it does not make sense to spend money with professional surveyors only for the deal to fall through. But when the deal goes through or about to go through on condition-precedent, you can invest in professional surveyors. We have 32 Enterprise Partners across Africa; 90% are professional surveyors. They use Zenvus Boundary to scan lands and know the size immediately.

One Enterprise Partner can map as many farms as possible at once, with no limitation. In other words, you can enter a village with one app download and map 1,000 farmlands for 1,000 farmers. If you are in real estate or survey business, this is the app for you.

Meanwhile, download Zenvus Boundary now at Google Play.

We are still accepting Enterprise Partners (learn more here).

Zenvus Boundary maps farm, land or house perimeter boundaries, calculates the areas and populates the data onto Google Earth. From Zenvus portal, the surveys can be downloaded or printed. It supports cooperatives, governments and individual farmers, enabling these entities to have survey reports at a fraction of the typical cost of surveys.

Property owners (farmers, landlords, home owners, etc) can do this without any external help. And when done, register with their cooperatives which help them ratify the boundaries with governments. We use this to formalize farmlands and properties, enabling financial inclusion like agro-lending, using farmlands as collateral.

A farmer upon using Zenvus Boundary can download a PDF of the farm boundary report (sample here) in Zenvus account. The Zenvus Boundary also enables cooperatives or unions to have their logos and names emboldened in the reports for each member farm.

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