Zenvus Boundary Partners Wanted

Zenvus Boundary Partners Wanted

We have received many inquiries from businesses and people on the requirements of joining Zenvus Boundary partnership. Actually, it was included in the Zenvus Boundary launch announcement today.

To become a partner, these are the requirements:

  1. Email [email protected] informing our team that you would like to become one. As a partner, your focus is acquiring customers in bulk. Think of government initiatives, cooperatives, etc, covering land, farms, etc.
  2. Team will ask you to pay a one-time partnership fee [contact for details]. We support US dollars and Nigerian Naira via bank transfer or Paypal.
  3. Team will create an Enterprise account and send you a code. You can survey properties all day and transfer data to our server once. You need a code tied to your account to ensure the transfer is connected to your dashboard.  From the dashboard, you would print the survey reports of these your customers.
  4. Simultaneously, team will send you an Agreement Letter. In that letter, we define the benefits. For every property surveyed with Zenvus Boundary technology, we charge $20 (N7,000) to maximum of 5 acres. So, 6 acres will attract $40.
  5. From this fee, partners keep 70% of the gross leaving 30% for Zenvus.
  6. Once a farmland or farm is mapped by Zenvus Boundary, it would be ready for precision agriculture powered by Zenvus sensors where applicable.
  7. We would be expecting your email at [email protected]

Meanwhile, download Zenvus Boundary now at Google Play.

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Cost of Service

We have set the price of using this solution to map a farm, land, or house perimeter with the survey printed on Zenvus portal at $20 (N7,000 Nigerian naira) per property to maximum of 5 acres [for example, 6 acres would be captured as two farms, for $40]. You would have the opportunity to include your name, LGA, National Identity Number, BVN, etc. Most of those entries are optional.

Franchise/Agent Opportunity

We have franchising opportunities across Africa for those interested in helping farmers, landlords, etc to digitize their property perimeters and locations at bulk. Here, you could have a contract to map farms in a whole village tied to each farmer.

Zenvus Boundary Partnership

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