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Zenvus Unveils Public Property Search for Farms and Farmlands

Zenvus Unveils Public Property Search for Farms and Farmlands

Few weeks ago, we received messages from partners and farmers: they would like a public search to validate and authenticate digitized farms and farmlands within Zenvus database. Farmers were using the Zenvus Boundary report as a document to demonstrate evidence of asset ownership as they look for small loans before friends, families and financial institutions. Our goal has been to design a system that would help in the formalization of assets controlled by our farming partners. We do think that a man who inherited 2,000 hectares of land should not be classified as being poor in any fair society.

Zenvus Boundary maps property boundaries and superimposes them on Google Earth, providing stunning visualizations of properly locations and perimeters. The resulting maps or surveys can be printed from Zenvus web portal. Property owners (land, farm, and house) can do this without any external help. This video explains all. We have franchising opportunities across Africa for those interested in helping farmers, landlords, etc to digitize their property perimeters and locations.

Doing the public search was not really hard but we needed to be sure of legal compliance elements. Africa’s land regulations have not evolved for decades. It turns out that we can do it creatively without compromising privacy and security of assets. We worked with farmers’ cooperatives and tested with some partner-institutions. Today, we are launching the public search of any property within Zenvus Boundary.

For our agents and partners, this search function is in your dashboard. For farmers and the public, here is the link to use. To use it, type the Zenvus code for the report (it begins with SB at the Right Hand Side of the report). Click the “I am not a robot”, then hit Search. The outcome will look like this.

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Zenvus public search result
Zenvus public search result


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