Zenvus Honours Rewardn with Agro-Innovation Product of the Year Award

Zenvus Honours Rewardn with Agro-Innovation Product of the Year Award

At Zenvus, we are building a new operating system for African agriculture, using our technologies to power new agro-innovations. In the midst of our mission, we come in contact with partners who are amazing. In 2018, Rewardn which makes technologies that enable farmers to farm in places with limited rainfall and moisture inspired us the most. Because of the amazing capabilities in Rewardn, Zenvus team has chosen it as our Agro-Innovation Product of the Year.

So today, I personally went to the Founder of Rewardn, Chief Uche Silva, to deliver our award to him.

With Rewardn and Zenvus coming together, we are telling farmers, “no matter where you farm, do not worry about moisture because your crops will have just enough they need”.

We are helping states on the herdsmen issues, providing technologies to reverse deforestation by making it possible for farmers to farm where they had given up. Zenvus provides top-grade engineering that brings 360-degree visibility in farms, turning farmers into businesspeople over ancestral custodians of culture.

We are honored to be working with Rewardn.


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