Zenvus Industrial Camera Goes Into Production (Photo Concepts)

Zenvus Industrial Camera Goes Into Production (Photo Concepts)

In August, I shared some images of a camera system we are designing in Zenvus, a subsidiary of Fasmicro Group. We have made great progress and everything is working perfectly for the industrial applications we engineered the system for. Today, we are moving into designing the packaging for the camera system.

Find below the two options we have: I have chosen Concept 1 to move into production. Too bad, you cannot buy this camera in Ariaria or Computer Village; this is for pure industrial applications in specific key areas. The name of the product will be made public when we launch it next year as we begin shipping to clients.

Interestingly, it will have ‘Made in USA” but this is really a Nigerian brainpower. I wish patriotism is a good business strategy, we will have a factory in Aba. We have massive assets but no light. I am not a magician to move electrons without power.

Zenvus (Name Withheld) (concept 1)


Zenvus (Name Withheld) (concept 2)


Updated: This is the concept 3 which does not change our choice of #1


Zenvus (Name Withheld) (prototyping setup)

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20 thoughts on “Zenvus Industrial Camera Goes Into Production (Photo Concepts)

  1. My brother,I wish you massive and overwhelming success in this your endeavour,how I wish it’s within my power to skyrocket and make it globally dominant company right away!.
    But,you must reach that height with your zenvus products.

  2. You cannot blame yourself for manufacturing in America when government politicises and pays lip service to infrastructure and power issues.
    Or why do you think Nnamdi Ezeigbo and his junior partner,Zhao took manufacturing of TECNO,Infinix and other products of transsion group to Hong kong (China)?.
    Nigeria has to take innovators seriously as much as it’s growth,no room for mediocrity or quota nonsense that affects everything here with nigerian factor.
    Just imagine how bars is dismantling the transparency Kachikwu introduced in NNPC?.
    Are we ready for growth?
    I can only wish you find the type of global success tecno is experiencing now or even more to you.
    Please,Nd,if you could find the time,you can examine the possibility and scale of success of tecno mobiles introducing payment applications/money transfer in their smartphone to leverage their massive penetration and presence in the market,their leadership position in smartphone sales in africa and also in the background of their super excellently performing music/social application,BOOMPLAY,which has garnered 16million download since its introduction in 2015,and a leap of 10million additional downloads from 6million as at December 2016 to currently 16million downloads,with current average daily visits of 2million and monthly of 9millions.
    TECNO BOOMPLAY MUSIC/SOCIAL app just won the appafrica 2017 best application of the year

  3. You are an eagerbeaver. More power to ur elbows. May GOD grant you successful moves.

    It gives me great JOY to see AFRICAN young entrepreneurs moving in grace, its a sign of VICTORY.

  4. I do commend your efforts in this direction.

    This begs the question, “Why is it that every Nigerian Government recognizes accomplished young and vibrant Nigerian Entrepreneurs only when they become successful courtesy of their host Countries?”

    Take for instance , the likes of chimamanda adichie, anthony joshua, even up to our gallant members of the Super Eagles?

    Don’t you think that there is a fundamental disconnect between the process of attaining leadership and the challenge of followership in Nigeria of today?

    “Every Man for himself, Nigeria for Us All..” should be the motto on our National Coat of Arms if you ask me.

    A close look at our neighbours (e.g. Ghana) would reveal that there is a high level of discipline in all aspects of Governance.

    The average Ghanaian is content to a large extent with making his “Daily Bread”, being supported by the inclusive Ghanaian Government which looks first at service before benefits (if there is room for that)

    Is Nigeria leprous at 57?

    What I can surely agree to be certain, is that the dreams , innovations and enterprise of many young Nigerians like yourself will continue to remain consumed in the deluge of hopelessness and despair, courtesy of the Baboons we have as leaders today if something drastic is not done to reverse the ugly trend.

  5. Prof,you’re now trying to be different from other nigerian academics especially in diaspora,even renowned and high achieving professionals with zero business sense,how I wish they can learn from you.
    We as individuals can only live so long,but,our legacies will be met by generations to come and can extend to homeland beyond the Americas.
    I have always wondered why a guy like Cyprian Emeka Uzo, that gave so much to IBM and America in terms of inventions cannot establish his own company and use his proven genius capacity to grow his business and hence have more capacity to impact his homeland.
    This guy has over 300 patents in technology in US and around the world and yet he’s not been able to move from academics and working for others to create his own company.
    That’s a problem I see in most of our diaspora in academics or those with good paying white collar jobs,it makes them less creative,innovative and think only vertically.
    It may require that our diaspora community in academics will need tutorial in art of creating businesses in line with their areas of expertise especially.
    This will give them financial muscle to help in development of Africa because governments down here may never help them in term of optimal environment.
    I also believe that businesses started that way their have better chances of growth in africa,especially when it’s owned by sons of the soil.
    Diaspora professionals with business experience will be more useful to development in africa.

    1. Ifeanyi, the biggest problem in America is avoiding good paying job before they retire you. It is hard to walk away from extremely high paying job. You must be a risk taker to venture into business from the luxury of happy walls of big American institutions. It is not for everyone. We also need to respond those that enjoy corporate. Business is not for everyone.


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