Zenvus Loci Begins Shipping to Partners

Zenvus Loci Begins Shipping to Partners

We are happy to note that all partners we have qualified can now place bulk orders to serve their retail customers for the following products: Zenvus Loci Mini, Zenvus Loci Max, Zenvus mLoci, and Zenvus Loci Harmony. We welcome intending new partners; email here to learn more. For intending partners, if we qualify you, we will send our price list.

Zenvus is a partner-first company. We have won many global awards on designs. In 2019, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe Germany displayed our works in their museum, recognizing “creativity and imagination”.

  • Zenvus Loci is a disposable or reusable package GPS that you can put in a briefcase, cargo, personnel, etc and monitor in real time its location. We see opportunities in tracking the specific cargoes (not just the trucks), ecommerce shipments, security guards, equipment on transit, law enforcement (police, army, etc), human (child, oil workers, etc), luggage (individuals shipping via buses, personal air travel luggage, etc), vehicles (no installation), etc. It is cheaper than anything in the market and it is rechargeable with USB. It has two versions: Zenvus Loci Mini and Zenvus Loci Max. Loci Max (up to 7 days of tracking, hourly reporting on full battery charge). Loci Mini (up to 3 days).
  • Zenvus mLoci: This works by tracking the phone of the driver using QR code and requires connectivity on the phone with GPS. The user (say a driver) must install the app. For every trip, a new QR code is generated. The driver scans it with his phone and clicks “begin trip”. That driver will be tracked until he clicks again in the app that ”trip is completed”. On a map, the driver location will be shown. Updates and notification via email and SMS. One code per trip sequence.
  • Zenvus Loci Harmony: Zenvus Loci Harmony is a solution for indoor property asset tracking. We will put a GSM- or WIFI- supported Zenvus receiver to pick location data from Zenvus chip stickers. You can have many of those stickers. Any device where you stick one (memos, files, phones, tables, chairs, TVs, bundle of cash, important assets, etc), and from our dashboard, you will know where it is. Each sticker has an 18-month battery life. Have Receivers and Tags(i.e. the trackers with beacons).


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