Zenvus Loci Harmony

Zenvus Loci Harmony

Good People, I get the message: join politics. I laugh because I am not sure there would be an electronics lab there! The electronics politics where my voters are protons and electrons is super-fulfilling. We have something for you, from our lab.

If you ever want to know where items in your house, office, warehouse, factory, etc are located, read on. Zenvus Loci Harmony is a solution for indoor property asset tracking. We will put a GSM- or WIFI- supported Zenvus receiver to pick locational data from Zenvus chip stickers. You can have many of those stickers. Any device where you stick one (memos, files, phones, tables, chairs, TVs, bundle of cash, important assets, etc), and from our dashboard, you will know where it is. Each sticker has an 18-month battery life and is exceedingly affordable!

Zenvus Loci business provides Zenvus Loci (affordable and disposable outdoor trackers), Zenvus mLoci (mobile device based), and Zenus Loci Harmony. We welcome enterprise customers who want to license technologies or order in bulk. 

Our cost beats the competition by a factor of three. Click to connect with my team.

Zenvus Loci Harmony

Simply Brilliant – Zenvus Loci Max, Zenvus Loci Mini [Photos]


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2 thoughts on “Zenvus Loci Harmony

  1. Lauretta Patrick-Nwachi · Edit

    Good day Prof

    Great innovation!!!

    I desire to partner wirh you on this, in the marketing of this product in Nigeria and Africa.

    God bless you


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