Zenvus Unifies Soil And Vegetation Health Data

Zenvus Unifies Soil And Vegetation Health Data

To all our global customers, we understand the challenges during this Covid-19 pandemic. So, we are doing everything possible to reduce frequent need of visiting farms. We have integrated all Zenvus technologies, making it possible that you can access all platforms from one dashboard. 

Zenvus is an intelligent solution for farms which uses proprietary electronic sensors to collect soil data like moisture, nutrients, pH, etc. It then sends the data to a cloud server via GSM, satellite or Wifi. Algorithms in the server analyze the data and advice farmers on farming processes. As the crops grow, the system deploys special cameras to build crop vegetative health index for detection of drought stress, pest and diseases. Our system has the capability to tell a farmer what, how, and when to farm. It has in-built GPS, compass and XL making it possible to map farm boundaries which could be useful during loan and insurance applications.

When you login, you will see the farm diary, the funding ecosystem, insurance solution, farm pricing engine, etc. There are also Yield and Smartfarm links. Clicking the Smartfarm takes you to the main dashboard where you can see the health of your soil. Green means “everything is fine”, red “action required” and yellow “pay attention”. It is now on the map, integrated with Google Earth. Click any of the sensors, the live sensory data will be displayed on temperature, pH, moisture, rainfall prediction, etc. No need to visit the farm is all marks show Green.

Also, we have integrated the Yield data on top of the soil to close the loop, validating the soil condition and crop vegetation. Walk/fly the Yield camera around your farm, an NDVI engine will quickly give you areas that need help. We have also put documentation to help.

Thank you all for the support. Zenvus sells exclusively to governments and cooperatives at the moment.




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