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1.0 – Personality and Influence

1.0 – Personality and Influence

Personality Analysis

Personality is generally defined as the whole persons outstanding characteristics, his abilities, his emotional and social traits, his interest and attitude as defined by lovle K (1973)

Factors affecting personality development

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  1. the home
  2. the school
  3. personal experiences
  4. cultural influences
  5. the peer group
  6. the child’s need and motives
  7. emotional stability
  8. extraversion
  9. openness to experience
  10. agreeableness
  11. conscientiousness

Person-Situation Interaction

This refers to how events of life affect the personality of an individual.

Development of personality

The psychoanalytic theory of development

Psychoanalysis is the method of interviewing a person with the purpose of retracing and reliving his emotional life from early infancy

There are three levels of consciousness- the conscious, the preconscious, the unconscious mind.

Personality theory asserts that the mind is composed of three parts namely- the ID, the ego, the superego.

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