Get $1000 For Developing On Skiller Mulitplayer And Social Game SDK

Skiller, a game developer, offers a mulitplayer  and social SDK which is available on Android and J2ME!  Developers can  can create true cross-platform multiplayer games based on them. It is simply develop your game, integrate it with the Skiller platform and…you can earn $1000.

Skiller, a leading provider of social mobile gaming platforms, has released its Java SDK, which joins the previously successful Android SDK release, enabling game developers to introduce new social dimension in their existing and upcoming games.

With their SDK,  your players will have the ability to fully interact with each other using a large variety of social features such as on-line multiplayer capabilities, messaging, leader-boards, personal profile, avatars and more.

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The Skiller SDK integration is simple and creates more traction and longer game retention.

The Skiller SDKs along with Skiller’s social cloud are offered FREE to game developers.

You can download the SDK here

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