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HP Pre 3 Phone Review – Elegance With The Original Gene Of WebOS

The original Palm Pre was a big success and won a lot of respect within the mobile phone industry for its WebOS operating system. While many felt this was truly a real step forward in mobile phone operating systems which introduced new concepts such as true multitasking, it was not available on non-Palm handsets. By the time the Pre 2 was due for release, manufacturer Palm was experiencing a lot of difficulties and was eventually bought out by computer giant HP.



Since the acquisition HP has been keen to carry on Palm´s popular line of handsets and with the HP Pre 3 it seems they have remained true to the original design. While the Pre 3 may look slightly different to the two preceding Pre handsets it still comes with the same overall look and feel and the same award winning WebOS interface. Having said this, the WebOS interface has seen an upgrade since the Palm Pre 2.



Like the earlier Pre handsets, the HP Pre 3 features a sliding mechanism with a QWERTY pad revealed from behind the screen. This keypad is reminiscent of the sort of compacted keyboards found on BlackBerry phones and which are perfectly suited for faster message and email typing. The Pre 3 does come with excellent email and messaging features on board including threaded SMS. There is also 3G and Wi-Fi connections available so that you can virtually always have an online presence, with social networks like Facebook also coming with great support on this phone.

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The HP Pre 3 has had an update in processing power, now featuring a 1.4GHz Scorpion CPU. While this is not as fast as some of the dual core processors currently making their way onto smartphones it still offers a considerable boost in speed from the 1GHz powered Pre 2. Internal storage space is limited to either 8GB or 16GB as there is no microSD slot, which is perhaps one of the biggest disappointments for this phone.



For most people however, this should provide plenty of storage for music and video and both of these are excellently supported by the Pre 3´s media player. With Adobe Flash 10.1 installed users can enjoy a great deal more entertainment from online video streaming websites, and the camera on the Pre 3 now supports 720p HD video recording.


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