Ugandan Hive Colab – Open, Collaborative, and Community Owned Tech Hub


Hive Colab is a place where East African technologists can go to cut their teeth, work together, share ideas, get feedback from more experienced developers and investors and people from NGOS, universities, and so on, say Jon Gosier of SwiftRiver, Ushahidi.


It  is an open, collaborative, community owned, work environment for young tech entrepreneurs to focus on projects, access the internet, have a quiet professional environment to develop their ideas in, hold events and generally collaborate. Hive Colab is located at:


Capital Shoppers
Third Floor, Suite 20 & 21
Nakawa, Kampala, Uganda


It is called a “hive” because it’s a place with lots of activity. The incubation hub largely runs workshops where people get together to come up with smaller ideas to solve problems, as opposed to big ones that require funding.

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