Economist Global Talent Index – Only Nigeria and South Africa Make It in Sub-Sahara Africa, But Nigeria Came Last

A sizeable disparity separates the two African nations in our survey. South Africa’s relatively high spending
on education as a proportion of its GDP reveals the intention to develop its talent potential, whereas
Nigeria finds itself at or near the bottom of the index in both 2011 and 2015, despite rapid population growth. In 2011, Nigeria was 60th out of 60 countries and will improve to 59th in 2015.


The US lead is almost one full point (on a 1-10 scale) in both years over the next best performers. The country’s foremost strengths are the excellence of its universities, the high overall quality of its existing workforce and a meritocratic environment that is relatively unencumbered by restrictive labour regulation.


The full report is available here


The Global Talent Index (GTI), accompanied by the Global Talent Index Report: The Outlook to 2015, explores questions as it assesses countries on their capacity for developing, attracting and retaining the skilled employees their organisations need. The report analyses the findings of the GTI and also examines the survey results of 441 global senior executives who were asked about their views on the talent outlook for business. In-depth interviews with senior human resources executives and experts offer insights on the most pressing talent challenges facing businesses and countries.


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