2019 Eid al Kabir: How Nigerians Will Patronise Bus Transport Service Providers

2019 Eid al Kabir:  How Nigerians Will Patronise Bus Transport Service Providers

Whether you call it Eid-al-Kabir or Eid-al-Adha, it is the 10th day of the Muslim lunar month of Dhul Hijja. This is the day of festivities for Muslims and lasts for four days throughout the world. Already, the federal government has declared August 12 and 13 as public holidays to mark the 2019 Eid-al-Kabir.

Before the declaration, some Muslims faithful had started travelling from cities to cities and cities to the hinterlands across the country.  Non-Muslims are not left out in the movement as analysis indicates that they have been traveling to celebrate with their Muslim friends and family members. To contain possible crimes and crises, considering the high level of insecurity in the country, security agencies have ordered round the clock security of lives and property.

Like what was obtained during the previous celebrations, ram sellers and transporters have increased their prices and fares because of the increase in the demand of the commodity and service. For the ram sellers, the consequence has been the low patronage from the Muslims eligible to slaughter ram and other categories of animals prescribed for the celebration.

Despite the increase in transport fares, analysis shows that travellers remain resolute in their movement to various places. According to them, travelling to their destinations is more important than purchasing rams and other such as sheep, cows since it is not compulsory to make the sacrifice, according to the religion provisions.

Regardless of this view, analysis establishes that the interest in the festival connected with ram by 50.4% in the last 7 days. This further indicates that people will continue to seek knowledge about the categories of ram they could afford.

The increase in transport fares is not new because latest statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics indicates that the average fare paid for Bus journey from one city to another increased by 0.17% (month-on-month) to N1, 606.92 in June, 2019.

Checks show that places that cost N3, 000 before have been increased to N5, 000 while those with N5, 000 have been increased to N8, 000. Despite the fact that the linkage is not strong as expected, analysis reveals that one unit of interest in the festival has increased travellers’ one unit of interest in transport service by 20.9%. Throughout the 7 days, travellers have sought information about ABC Transport, Peace Mass Transit, GUO Transport, GIG Motors and Cross Country Transport than other providers. Though, the public had significant interest in the providers, but Peace Mass Transit and GUO are likely to have more patronage than other providers. Interest in travelling with the two providers was high in the last 7 days than others.

For the next 7 days, the two providers are expected to have substantial patronage as analysis suggests a good connection between them and the travellers’ movement to various places. From August 11 to 14, GUO Transport would experience high patronage while the trend would reduce on August 16, 2019. One of the key reasons that could be adduced for the change is the expiration of the festive period. Peace Mass Transit should expect travellers surge to her locations, especially in the main cities, between August 12 and 14. The increase is expected to be driven by the people’s readiness to return to their various destinations.

To capture value from the insights, analysis suggests that the transport service providers need to work on customer engagement and provide adequate security for the passengers throughout their journey.

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  1. Transportation is one of the factors that aids commerce and trade world-wide.
    Festival periods boost our purchasing power parity in Africa due to the fact that, Africans tends to create more value in their happy moments.


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