2021 is the Year of Growth in Nigeria

2021 is the Year of Growth in Nigeria

2021 is the Year of Growth in Nigeria. I am feeling the indicators everywhere. There are massive shifts after passing the inflection point. Yes, there is abundance in the future. With the new CBN policy, diasporas will push funds home; they could match our “executed” national budget. Innovators will have those first $30k, or $20k to begin new missions on fixing frictions which exist in our markets. Open your mind, do not allow dogmas of disbelief to cloud your awareness and observation on emerging patterns and opportunities; tomorrow has a promise.

No matter what you are doing, leading, servicing, working or founding, let’s put our best efforts for the nation. A working Nigeria is good business for everyone. #BeReady4Year2021



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One thought on “2021 is the Year of Growth in Nigeria

  1. I won’t tell anyone that the year 2021 will be so good or bad, it’s largely irrelevant; what is relevant is that you can decide to be so good or bad in 2021, that’s what counts most.

    You can curse, whine or frown at year 2020 as much as you like, but folks like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos see it differently, to them, it’s perhaps the best year ever!

    Learn to separate noise from reality, and work on things that truly matter, and whenever you do that, any year that turns up will always smile at you.

    If you like, keep listening to vision-impaired and tactless people, and as long as you continue to keep them as acquaintances and counsellors, your 2021 will still be worse off, and no amount of wailing or casting can change that. Be careful with who you listen to, if you continue to see the world through eyes of clueless and faithless creatures, you are doomed anyway.

    Take a stand, and commit yourself wholly into it, and someday, your story will become the most beautiful.

    A sound mind in a sound body, only one outcome is possible: a sound human!

    God bless all people of goodwill.


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