Contract Design and Manufacturing Launch – Kaduna

Microscale’s Contract Design and Manufacturing (CDM) service was officially launched last saturday, the 26th of February 2011 at Kaduna.

Dr Suleiman Yerima,  a principal consultant and partner with Microscale Embedded,  presented the first paper titled “The Road Map to Africas Technology Revolution”. In his paper he provided a roadmap that will lead to technologically developed Africa while also showing the projected achievements of the technology industry along the way.

Engr. Dr Musa D.Abdullahi, Chairman, Governing Board, National Board for Technical Education presented next paper though not written but with his great wisdom, experience and knowledge lent his support and encouragement to Microscale Embedded and everyone present. As a seasoned Engineer and Administrator, he shared his experience on what he called Need for Simulators and Development. He encouraged  all Innovators and Inventors to know that the road for each Inventor or Innovator is a lonely road because at inception nobody will give you a chance on what you are doing  but he concluded  by saying  ‘If you have an Idea and you have a clear conscience about it please go ahead’.

After his presentation, the various products and services of Microscale Embedded where displayed and different departmental heads, Engineering, training, marketing etc came up and explained what their job role and activities and achievements were. The high point was the demonstration of Naijawatt Home Automation System where guests were given a Mobile number to use to Turn ON and OFF a display light that represents control –be it  lighting points, TV, any other Electronic controlled device in the house. This was highly commended by the audience.

Then the joint product of Fasmicro and Microscale Embedded Ovim PC Tablets was introduced and its features and operation/applications was demonstrated. It was made known to all that it had more 50% content materials and design indigenous.

Representative of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Engr. Dr. Mike Ndinechi was in attendance. He encouraged Microscale Embedded to continue what they were doing and was full of praises for what he saw. And he assured to help where necessarily.

There were various exhibition tables for the various products and services including: Ovim Tablet PCs, development kits, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Prototypes, Training Partnership etc.

The members of the press from NTA Kaduna were in attendance and captured the event.

The staff and management of Microscale wish to express it’s appreciation for the support of all participants and especially fellow members of the up coming Semiconductor Association of Nigeria namely Fasmicro and Pawaak. Our special thanks also to the delegation from The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP).

*Dr Yerima is also a Researcher at the University of Ulster, United Kingdom

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