Week 5 Session

Week 5 Session
If you see “didn’t subscribe”, just login here https://www.tekedia.com/wp-login.php Notes: Comment below if interested to co-lead next Thursday Tekedia Live. We have reserved Thursdays for participants, with no faculty or guest involved, to co-share and co-learn. Table is Tekedia Live calendar for Week 5; see Week 4 board for recorded sessions of last week Tekedia LIVE   Week of July 20 Day Lagos time Faculty/Guest Focus Zoom Link Mon No Live scheduled; prepare for new week. Tue 7pm – 8pm Olufemi S. Aiki Ecommerce Wed 11am – 12 noon Omowunmi Adenuga-Taiwo Change Management Thur 11am – 12noon   Segla Segla,…
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