4 Things To Drive Tech Growth in Nigeria, Africa in 2021 [Video]

4 Things To Drive Tech Growth in Nigeria, Africa in 2021 [Video]

I expect technology expenditure in Nigeria to double in 2021 compared with the 2020 number. From conversations I am having with business leaders, the trajectory is clear: companies will spend and spend next year. These elements will drive this spending in Nigeria, as I noted in The State of the Tech Nation (recorded in April 2020, below) address.

  • Hybridized Supply Chain: Flexible, adaptive, global and local, at the same time.
  • Remote Everything: The web will run the world across sectors.
  • Digitization and Cloud Migration: The pace will accelerate.
  • Semi-automation: Disintermediation of humans will accelerate.

If you are selling or offering services, find how to deliver services in or around these elements because they will drive business, in the next coming years in Nigeria and Africa in general.

The State of Tech Nation [Video]
I gave this presentation in April 2020 to our members in Tekedia Institute . I was trying to channel our minds on the evolving opportunities due to coronavirus. The 15-minute video has a message: there is abundance in the future.



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