Kenyan SchoolSMS Premium Helps Parents Stay Connected To Their Children Education Via SMS

SchoolSMS Premium by Tusqee Systems is an Interactive Mobile Messaging System for schools. It allows parents to get exam results of their kids, enquire about fees balances and get fees statement quotes from the school via use of simple SMS. The company also have IMMS systems for churches


Major features of the School IMMS are

Student Performance

SchoolSMS Premium makes it possible for parents to know how their children are fairing, academic-wise, in school. A simple SMS message is all it takes to get information on the student’s position, marks/grade per subject and the student’s total marks.

Mass Messaging

SchoolSMS Premium now offers a fast and reliable means for schools to communicate with parents via SMS messages. For example, the school may want to inform parents about an important event or an impromptu meeting.

Append Message

You can choose to append a small message to each service request delivered by the application. For example, one could append a message wishing parents and students a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Black listing

The software allows you to black list rogue phone numbers that you do not want the service request manager to respond to. This is both a security and convenience feature.


Parents can either choose English or Kiswahili as their preferred service request delivery language. The application will automatically format service messages to suit ones preference.

Address Book

SchoolSMS Premium has a great built-in address book that lets you organize contacts into groups. e.g. you can have a group of all parents of the students of a given class.

Background Running

You can let SchoolSMS Premium run in the background as you execute other tasks. SchoolSMS Premium will receive and respond service request as usual.


Tusqee Systems is a software development startup based in Nairobi that specializes in the provision of custom made software solutions. We design and develop mobile phone applications, desktop applications and enterprise applications for institutions, companies, NGO’s and governments.

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