Gahunda – Rwandan SMS App for Appointment Scheduling

Gahunda by HeHe Limited in Rwanda is an SMS based mobile application for appointment scheduling aimed at improving public service delivery. It allows for the public service providers to efficiently schedule appointments and meetings with clients and colleagues. The application also assists to rate quality of public services as well as carry out surveys to get public opinion on service delivery.


This is how the team pitched their apps:


We have currently developed an application designed to help users find locations that they are looking for in Kigali or Rwanda. The application is SMS based and therefore simple to use. All the user has to do is send an SMS to our service indicating their current location and destination. Our application then generates a dynamic response giving the user step by step directions on how to get there. These directions include information on landmarks to guide the user. Included in the SMS reply are approximate public transportation costs for buses, taxis and motor bikes. This is intended to help our users get around Kigali and Rwanda more conveniently.

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