AfroPioneer Wants To Redesign Ads In Facebook – Give Them Interactivity And Style

AfroPioneer is a startup based in Cameroon with a mission to change the online advertising landscape in Africa! Major African companies don’t advertise online. Why would they when we hardly visit our African websites? Statistics has shown that most African internet users use Facebook. Unfortunately, with about 120 characters and a small picture Facebook, ads are not suited for selling products from major companies. No animations, no flash, no interactivity and worse, most users don’t even see them.


The name of their Facebook ad app is called KmerBlagues.



That’s where AfroPioneer comes in, bringing interactivity to advertising through apps with local content.  They specialize in Facebook application development and know how to reach that local audience advertisers have a hard time reaching i.e. through ad space in the apps or a branded app that will engage users with the brand.

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