The Business Model Is Not Working? Try This Toolbox – A Business Model Canvas.

Most times getting the right  business model is just tough and difficult. It is always the most agononzing aspect of business and it determines winners and losers.


So Tekedia saw this tool and want to introduce you to try it and model that business plan.  It is a proven Business Model Canvas that offers powerful, simple, tested tools for understanding, designing, reworking, and implementing business models that could see your idea rise into a profitable business.


Toolbox for iPad combines the speed of a napkin sketch with the smarts of a spreadsheet. It enables you to map, test, and iterate your business ideas — fast.


What else do you need? Maybe iPad because the toolbox needs an iPad to roll. This is how it looks.




Sketch your business model using the practical methodology from the best-selling book, Business Model Generation.



Add ballpark figures for market size, revenue streams, and costs — faster than any spreadsheet.



Test the profitability of your ideas with a quick report and breakdowns by offer, customer segments, and costs.

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