A Countryman is a Cowboy without Cows, but Gallant

A Countryman is a Cowboy without Cows, but Gallant

Indecisiveness is not a healthy trait. A man who cannot start a healthy discussion, or even alter unjust utterances, but plays angel when the rain of fire ravages his nation is not worth calling a countryman of virtue. 

You are an aged man, a father, uncle and even a brother, but you watch your nation being toyed with, and you keep quiet just because you think that you can change nationality. Is that even worth discussing? It is despicable. The man you are porting your identity to his land, wasn’t he man enough to answer his father’s name? Ka m jukwa gi. 

What happens to a day, that your new umbrella country decides, your nationality is now based on regulations and inadvertently nonnegotiable that you may be voided at any point in time. Will you now start looking for another country to petch?

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Think now, while you still can and join hands to make your motherland the safe haven you desire. There is pride in originality and cultural identity, not a bought certificate. 

  • Nigeria is your home
  • Africa is your continent
  • What is your tribe, answer it with pride. Nothing spoil at all

They said, warri no de carry last, imagine the day, worry becomes the order of your day because your new nationality casted at last. Hmm this is dangerous. 

What is beauty:

A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

How do you know you are beautiful? It is mostly when you look at yourself in the mirror, and start admiring the curves of nature, you will then assume yourself beautiful. But these curves took time to develop, it never happened overnight. Africa is your motherland, and her curves of nature, the point of flabbergast qualities will definitely take time to settle. Be patient and work it out. 

The mirror in another mans land can never show you the true nature of your beautiful identity, it may be altered by the antarctic snow, or the vegas sun, while your real mild and humane natural beauty could emanate just by the flare of the evening ikpa nkata (family time) fire sit outs. This is the best thing you should be working hard to never allow that fire that keeps you and your indegenous family together to go out. 

All said and one, do not sit inside your house and say it doesn’t concern you, when your ama obodo (family compound) is being placed under auction by the so called government. If your people are known for ipia/iti mgburu (fighting with sticks), better pick up your stick and fight now. 

Do not be indecisive, speak up when you can and must. If not for your sake, at least for the sake of your unborn generation. IGNORANCE IS NOT SAFE ESCAPE FROM THE LAW OF KARMA, even if the law of the land has shielded you, untouchable.

A Country Man is a Cowboy without Cows: Even if you do not own cows, at least do not allow the foreigner to take your grazing yard with mouth-quackery promises. Your great grandson may become the next ogbu efi (the cowboy) of your town. 

Decide what is good for you, but what is good for you is not enough for what must be for the virtue of humanity, so consider that now and make the right decisions. Mr. Ministers do not sell our country sovereignty, it is not good to even think of it at all. You may sell your name and household, but not the whole country biko nu!.

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