A Leading African Telco Says YES To Zenvus Loci

A Leading African Telco Says YES  To Zenvus Loci

We made huge progress yesterday – a leading African telco will provide super support to Zenvus Loci. With this relationship, great things will happen. A formal announcement is coming in May. Also, in May, all our partners will start experiencing Zenvus Loci.

We are finalizing APIs to help schools, logistics firms, ecommerce, human security, etc to have the capacities to integrate their current supply chain frameworks with Zenvus Loci. Few months ago, I provided the first pencil sketch of this product. Today, we are already tracking cargoes [our partners are experiencing some tests, across continents, live].

You need to join this movement – let’s build a 21st century intelligent supply chain in Africa.

Loci is a disposable or reusable package GPS that you can put in a briefcase, cargo, personnel, etc and monitor in real time its location. We see opportunities in tracking the specific cargoes (not just the trucks), ecommerce shipments, security guards, equipment on transit, law enforcement (police, army, etc), human (child, oil workers, etc), luggage (individuals shipping via buses, personal air travel luggage, etc), vehicles (no installation), etc. It is cheaper than anything in the market and it is rechargeable with USB.

Zenvus Loci application areas

This is Zenvus Loci


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