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This is Zenvus Loci

This is Zenvus Loci

I was in Ibadan to celebrate the retirement of a major client. We had worked to prepare his son to take over the business by offering a solution that gives founders and CEOs unrestricted access to me. The man gave me a letter. In that letter, he wrote (partly): “your humility is unprecedented and I commend your parents for raising an honorable man for this nation”. I said my mother will read this one, and decided to send the letter to her.

Unfortunately, the luxury bus we had used – Young Shall Grow Motors – did not deliver to Umuahia. As I write, they do not know where the parcel is, and I am confident no one intentionally stole it. Yes, there was nothing to steal because the letter has no value except to me and my family.

So, as typical, I saw a huge opportunity: would it not be good to have a very affordable package GPS that can last up to 7 days on a single USB charge, for important packages? Driven by that, we started drawing, designing and making.

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Download the slide here:Zenvus Public Video

Today, we have Zenvus Loci. I am very happy to introduce Zenvus Loci. Zenvus Loci is a largely disposable package tracker but engineered to be re-usable. Two versions, operating days on full charge (one hour reporting):

  • Loci Mini (3 days); Loci Max (7 days)
  • Recharge is via USB.

Loci is a disposable or reusable package GPS that you can put in a briefcase, cargo, personnel, etc and monitor in real time its location. We see opportunities in tracking the specific cargoes (not just the trucks), ecommerce shipments, security guards, equipment on transit, law enforcement (police, army, etc), human (child, oil workers, etc), luggage (individuals shipping via buses, personal air travel luggage, etc), vehicles (no installation), etc. It is cheaper than anything in the market and it is rechargeable with USB.

For example, to track a car, one does not need a mechanic for all the complex wiring: just drop it anywhere inside the car (booth, under seat, etc) but make sure say every week to recharge it. And if you are sending a package using a luxury bus (like ABC Transport in Nigeria), you can put the device inside the package to know where it is on the way. It requires extremely affordable monthly subscription to use. Loci is an ecosystem with analytics, API and inventory management solutions.

To apply to become a distribution partner, email [email protected]

3D printed. Mass factory production will be neater and smoother


Zenvus Loci application areas

Zenvus Loci Product


Zenvus Loci 3D model
Dimension comparison with debit card

Zenvus Loci Sketches

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    • We have designed for 7 days. But if you need say 21 days, we will be happy to discuss by adding bigger battery capacity. But we need a big order from you to do that. Our research shows more than 90% of local markets (intra-nation) will be handled within 7 days. But your need is solvable. Contact us. Thanks

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