We’re Launching A New Hardware Product (Loci), Distribution Partners Wanted

We’re Launching A New Hardware Product (Loci), Distribution Partners Wanted

In Q2 2019, our business will launch a platform-anchored hardware product, named Loci, engineered for both consumer and enterprise markets. As a company built on partner-first go-to-market strategy, we are looking for partners across Africa.

Our solution will work in the following sectors: security, transportation, logistics, and general mobility. This product is coming out of a real market friction I faced when I visited Nigeria in October 2018. So, we do think many are experiencing the same challenges. Hence, we want to hit the market with a solution, using available proprietary technologies we have already developed in Zenvus.

Loci is a new subsidiary in our business. On pre-production design, we achieved 50% more affordable product when benchmarked with competing products.

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If you want to become a Loci Partner, to distribute and sell this product, email our team here. They will send documents on Loci and the partner requirements. Our model is that it will be a very rewarding business for those that can get in.

You must have the capacity to place a minimum of $10,000 worth of Loci order. We are a partner-driven business which means we depend on partners to sell our products while we focus on the engineering and production.

I do hope to welcome you in our ecosystem.

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2 thoughts on “We’re Launching A New Hardware Product (Loci), Distribution Partners Wanted

  1. As beautiful this invention is, I believe this product should not just rely on partners to sell.
    A subsidiary of FASMICRO or may be outsourced partners should handle technical sales, present the capabilities of this product to companies alike with large logistic management in their business line (Dangote Group, Telcos, Oil marketers in the downstream sector, Telco infrastructure providers).
    Eventually, support business that will create opportunities for job seekers will spring up with the usage of the product.

    This is just from my own little perspective. I am just a reader of Tekedia and follow the chairman’s regular posts on LinkedIn.

    Ajadi W.O.

    1. Thank you very much Ajadi for that insight. Certainly, on hardware, to get huge scale to reduce cost, we have noticed that working with partners makes things easier. Unlike software, hardware demands pre-scales for better unit economics. I will hope you will join us as a partner as you have already noted the type of clients we want to work with. Your points are noted – thanks.

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