My London Event Plans Concluded, Speaking In A Big Global Bank

My London Event Plans Concluded, Speaking In A Big Global Bank

Plans for my upcoming visit to London have been concluded. A major U.S. bank with London office had invited me to give two speeches on the same day to two business units of the institution. The talks are separately titled “The New Merchants of Sub-Sahara” and “Africa’s Cambrian Moments Are Here”. This is a big promotion for our business, made possible by a fellow World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. As YGLs do, we congregate to discuss global events, usually via teleconference calls. The best time to audition for a job is when there is no job!

Unfortunately, I will be unable to meet our African community as I had planned. I will not even pass a night in London.  I will fly into the city and fly out the same night to catch a company dinner (the next day) in Lagos which I will deliver the oration. I apologize for those already planning meetups in London. The event was shifted to occur before the election and that changed everything.

I am on my way from Lagos to U.S. I sneaked in few days ago. While in South Africa on a UN event, a wire came that our team must arrive urgently. I made it back to U.S. and flew the next day to West Africa. In this short trip, I noticed a new location where a company can send team for Business Retreat: Epe Resort. Though it is not really top-tier at global standard, the ecosystem is just good for people to focus on big thinking, and the budget is fair especially for SMEs. Do not go to Dubai: use Epe Resort if you want a simple change in environment.

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