A Model for Alumni Investing In Nigerian Universities

A Model for Alumni Investing In Nigerian Universities

I joined the Johns Hopkins Alumni investment community to invest in technology companies. I earned a PhD from Johns Hopkins University. This model is something we need for Nigerian universities: banding alumni to fund catalytic innovations which will fix big market frictions. It would be great if FUTO Owerri, my undergraduate alma mater in Nigeria, offers something along this trajectory.

Thank you for joining the Alumni Ventures Group community and your interest in the Deep Tech Fund. Welcome to our network of 550k innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and learners.

The Deep Tech Fund is an exciting new fund investing in hard tech innovation that will build the future through emergent technologies like AI and machine learning, advanced materials, AR/VR/MR genomics, longevity, drones and robotics, and others.

Individual investors are flocking to add venture capital to their personal portfolios as companies stay private longer and more value creation happens pre-IPO. In addition to the compelling historical performance of this asset class, in the face of market volatility, VC can add smart diversification…. “Venture capital… has become a critical component of a long-term investment strategy.”


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