A Tekedia Capstone On Ecommerce and Fashion Industry

A Tekedia Capstone On Ecommerce and Fashion Industry

Tekedia capstone-based Certificate is the practical phase of Tekedia Mini-MBA. We consider it the final year project where we challenge members to use what they have learnt in Tekedia Mini-MBA, pick a research topic, and come up with a new idea on something. When the governor of Anambra state, Governor Obiano, read one on his state, he hired our member, John, as his special advisor on Innovation. The graduate had taken time to model how innovation can improve the state.

In this capstone report by OLadunni Niniola Salaam MBA , FCAI, you have one of the most comprehensive studies in the fashion sector and ecommerce in Lagos state. It is a beauty; part of the abstract.

“This study investigated the effect of electronic commerce on customer patronage and satisfaction with emphasis on consumers in the fashion industry in Nigeria. A study of consumers in selected areas in Lagos state. The study used descriptive research design based on multi staged sampling procedure made up of purposive sampling technique and simple random sampling technique to select members of the population involved in the study. A sample size of four hundred (400) respondents were selected for this study.  The data collected from the study was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics with the aid Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) version 20.0. The findings…”

Tekedia Institute, advancing the wealth in nations through knowledge. We have hit 634 capstone records, primarily by learners who are researching global and local issues. My best remains “How To Win 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria – A Case Study for an Ijebu Man”. That one is classified!


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